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Alpaca Doll Hair Sales
All Natural Colors from My Young Suri Alpacas that are very soft and silky.
Get a discount for 3 or 4 units Mix and Match.

 Your choice of Colors.......

See my 12" Plus  Alpaca Long Hair

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E-mail to shirley@surihill.com

Special Your choice of colors Mix and Match.  Buy 4 unit (2 ounces) and Save. Order this item and send me your 4 color choices or entered in add note to seller.  
4 1/2 oz Units Your Choice of Colors
2nd Special Your choice of colors Mix and Match.   Buy 3 unit (1 1/2 ounces). Order this item and send me your 3 color choices or entered in add note to seller on Paypal.  
3 (1/2 oz) Units Your Choice of Colors
A very soft Black (not a harsh color at all) very natural looking about 6" long. 
Color #110 (1/2 oz)
Black #110
Dark  Brown about 6 1/2 " Long. About 4" is Dark Brown, it will work for Babies with 3"  Long Hair. Shown is 1/2 Ounce.
Color # 210 (1/2 oz)
Dark Brown #210
mbrown Medium Auburn Brown about 7" Long.
Color # 310 (1/2 oz)
Medium Auburn Brown #310
strawberry  Strawberry Blonde about 6 to 7" Long.
Color # 410 (1/2 oz)
Strawberry Blonde #410
darkblonde Dark Blonde  about 7" Long
Color # 510 (1/2 oz)
Dark Blonde #510
medblonde Medium Blonde is about 2 shades lighter than the Dark Blonde. About 7"
Color # 610 (1/2 oz)
Medium Blonde #610
blonde  Blonde is about 7" Long
Color # 710 (1/2 oz)
Blonde #710
Light Blonde about 7" Long
Color #750 (1/2 oz)
Light Blonde #710
Platinum  Blonde is about 7" long. Very, very fine and  silky.
Color # 810 (1/2 oz)
Platinum Blonde #810


I've listed the color in order of the shades of colors. I'm not sure how the colors will appear on different Monitors. Starts with the darks and each hair sample gets lighter. If you buy a color and its not the shade you want I will gladly exchange it for the one that will work better for your Doll Project. Also I can send you a sample of any of the colors your interested in. Any questions email me at shirley@surihill.com or call 503-538-1553 Pacific Time Zone